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This is a recently completed new dwelling for an elderly couple. The single storey dwelling with some underground accommodation is designed around a glazed central external courtyard to provide a private and sheltered external room for the clients on this working Estate. Glazing extends along the South elevation to provide views across the Hampshire countryside. The basement is part of a HaHa with an elevation of slate with deeply set windows. The lower ground floor also provides a balcony to the living spaces on the ground floor above.

The sliding glass doors to the courtyard have a 99% UV filter system to protect the client’s artwork in the gallery spaces. It has been also carefully designed to the clients’ current and future mobility needs.

This is a low carbon house and requires very little energy input as it has high levels of thermal insulation. A borehole ground source heat pump maintains a high thermal mass, which is ideal for permanent occupation and a rainwater harvesting tank provides water to parts of the house, kitchen and garden.

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