Bullington Lane, Barton Stacey

“The Square Snail” residential home

This is the refurbishment and extension of an unusual 1960’s house in the rural village of Barton Stacey near Winchester.

The current house is relatively small with a very small sitting room and three bedrooms. The basic requirement is to add a bedroom with en-suite and a sitting room, and relocate the garage to the front of the house for easier vehicular access.

Fenestration is focused on the South elevation to maximise the spring and autumn solar gain.

Often extensions are made to be uncoordinated bolt-ons, but the objective here is to create a unified whole. This is achieved by wrapping the flank elevation of the existing and extended building in timber cladding around the front and back, elements of insulation and render.

The redesign of this house has earned itself the nickname ‘the square snail.’

Bullington Lane

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