St Peters Church, Ropley

Architectural Plans for church repairs

Following the devastation of the fire to St Peter’s in 2014, the PCC set about appointing an Architect through a tender process. Alexander Design were successful in this regard as although we didn’t have prior experience of church buildings, we have completed a number of projects that both achieved a blending of the new and the old.

During an 18 month process and consultations with seven or more approving bodies, a Statement of Needs and Public Consultation were achieved. These resulted in the need for a more inclusive community venue and the implications were varying furniture layouts and and storage. In additional, a bespoke Kitchen/Flower Room and Function Room were also required.

The North extension will also contain a new entrance and roof for pallbearers ensuring that the existing entrance only required repair works.

The bells are being restored and a new bell tower will be constructed as it goes without saying these are the flagship to a church and Ropley was no different.

St Peter’s are fundraising efforts continue and can you can make a contribution by copying this link

St Peter's Church, Ropley

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