Sustainable Architecture

Sustainability has always been fundamental design philosophy to alexanderdesign. We have been pursuing a low carbon strategy for many years. John Alexander won the Ibstock Design Award in 1984 for a low carbon housing scheme long before this became topical. It is now a common requirement of many briefs and gratifying that a wider community is now addressing these very important issues.

We believe that buildings should resolve most of their environmental issues with passive solutions, not just bolting technologies onto the building. This is achieved by ensuring the correct proportion and orientation of glazing, natural ventilation, suitable thermal mass and appropriate heating solutions with sensible design strategies from the outset. Technologies have an essential role to play in the operation of the building, but without the correct building form they are expensive gestures to a true green agenda.

This method of design ensures the impact of the building is well considered and responsive to the surrounding environment.

John is also a qualified BREEAM assessor (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).

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